archive of the 1st edition

PFK Junior CUP 2015

PIEŠŤANY, 26.6. - 27.6.2015




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“All stars” of tournament:


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the 1st edition in numbers:   

category U11

24 teams from 7 countries

16 home, 8 foreign

365 participating athletes

309 players, 56 coaches and team leaders

176 matches, each 20 min.

132 in the group stage, 44 in the play-off

more than 3.400 visitors of tournament

1.400 persons on Friday, 2.000 on Saturday

celebrities at the event:

Tamajka Miloš major of the city Piešťany

Kliment Jozef general secretary Slovak Football Association

Moravcová Martina five-times olympic participant in swimming

Hološko Filip striker Sydney FC and national team SVK “A”

Vestenický Tomáš striker AS Roma and national team SVK “21”

Lušňák Patrik hockey player Slovan Bratislava, national team SVK “A”

Hrdina Miroslav ex 1st league player, coach of national team goalies

Krištofík Ondrej ex 1st league player, ex-national team SVK “A”

Kravárik Andrej volleyball, ex-representative SVK “A” and GR “A”

1.  DVSC Debrecen (HUN)

2.  AS Roma (ITA)

3.  FC Nitra (SVK)

4.  ŠK Slovan Bratislava (SVK)

5.  FC Spartak Trnava (SVK)

6.  PFK Piešťany (SVK)

7.  FK Hodonín (CZE)


the best player


the best striker

PAGANO Riccardo (AS Roma)

the best goalkeeper

HRDINA Adam (FC Nitra)

the best girl-player


(Dukla Banská Bystrica)

STAREČEK Róbert (FC Nitra) CHERUBINI Luigi (AS Roma)

PISILLI Niccoló (AS Roma)

MALIGA Matej (PFK Piešťany)

KOSTKA Martin (Slovan Bratislava)

LÉNART Gábor (DVSC Debrecen)

VAILING Tadeáš (PFK Piešťany)

Final order of teams:

Individual awards: